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The Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Media Communication has been designed with extensive contribution from digital marketing and advertising executives and online media publishers. Through creative and hands-on classes, students get exposure to rigorous practical skills and theoretical insights as they learn from top digital media professionals.

There are six terms of classes, with the first four terms spent on developing the advanced skills and concepts needed for a career in the digital media space. A live-project, directed by a mentor helps students integrate and apply the diverse range of skills acquired. For the remaining terms, students learn on the job in a professional internship with a digital media agency. A bi-weekly Saturday seminar/workshop allows supports and guides students during this period.

  Course offerings:

  Term 1

  Intro to Digital Marketing and Advertising
  • Digital Media in a 360 Scenario
  • overview of concepts for advertising, PR, and marketing
  • BTL, Corporate Communications
  • Market Research, CSR
  Social Networking 101
  • Nuts and bolts of social networking
  • Setting up professional facebook pages
  • Designing an engaging landing page
  • Basics of facebook and google analytics
  Media History
  • history of media from print to broadcast
  • comparison of media forms
  • social effects of media development
  Expository Writing
  • the craft of writing persuasive prose
  • structure, style and story
  • engaging your audience

  Term 2

  Intro to Digital Marketing and Advertising part 2
  • digital media landscape
  • emailers & SEO widgets
  • applications & gaming
  • benchmarking a campaign
  Blogging and Microblogging
  • fundamentals of writing for digital medium
  • building a network of followers
  • driving readers with content
  Video Production
  • basics of camera work and editing
  • scripting, piece to cameras, voice over
  • producing news features
  Digital Design
  • Understanding color & design aesthetics, typography & navigation styles
  • Usability, site layout and branding
  • Emailers, Banner advertising and mobile media design
  Photography workshop
  • Basics of photography
  • Editing and composing narratives with pictures

  Term 3

  Online Buying and Planning
  • audience behavior online: penetration rates, trends
  • online ad spends: who's spending how much and on what
  • selecting the right channels, formats and placements for marketing campaigns
  Advanced Marketing/Branding
  • designing social Media Campaigns
  • mobile marketing & augmented reality
  • online reputation management
  Development Communication
  • development communication – concept, history and scope
  • information communication technologies (ICTs) for Development
  • creating a development campaign
  Digital Storytelling workshop
  • photo slideshows, podcasts and audio slideshows
  • online packaging
  • basics of Digital video production, editing, uploading and exporting

  Term 4

  • delivery, measurement and analysis; measuring the viral impact of a campaign
  • measuring campaign effectiveness - DR and brand metrics
  • reading reports and analyzing data; creating your own Success Metrics
  Digital Entrepreneurship
  • case studies in digital entrepreneurship
  • creating and pitching a business plan
  The Media Industry
  • overview of traditional and new media industries in India
  • business models of media production and distribution
  Digital law and regulation workshop
  • understanding the creative commons
  • Copyright law and “copywrong”
  Live project
  • Six-week “live” team project
  • conceptualize, design, develop and pitch a 360 degree digital campaign


SoC had some of the best teachers and the most interesting classes. For the first time in my life, I truly enjoyed education. Mahima Gupta

During my stint at ESPN Star, I worked on the convergence of editorial content for website, mobile and WAP – true to the spirit of SoC! Ranbir Majumdar


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