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Centre for Communication Excellence

The Centre for Communication Excellence was established to develop skills for written and oral communication in English. The services of the centre include business communication support and services, individual coaching for business communication in English, a writing centre for 9.9 SoC students and external students, and communication workshops for college and secondary school students.

Business Communication Support and Services
Today’s global business environment requires sophisticated business communication skills. The Centre for Communication Excellence provides corporate professionals with an array of business communication services to increase the clarity, impact, and overall professionalism of their on-the-job communication.

The Centre for Communication Excellence offers one-to-one professional coaching and small-group workshops to help middle and senior level executives fine-tune their business communication skills in writing, presentation, and public speaking. We have carefully developed our programmes to provide a comprehensive, flexible, and customized approach to business communication training.

A Distinctive Approach
Our diverse offerings promise to be the most efficient and enduring way to improve business communication skills. In our programmes, participants:

•  enhance communication effectiveness by working on actual documents,
    e-mails, and presentations;
•  discover methods of identifying and solving specific issues in written
    and verbal communication;
•  increase work performance by eliminating the need for wasteful rounds
    of editing and rewrites;
•  acquire a global perspective on best practices in written and verbal
    business communication;
•  learn from seasoned professionals in the field of writing and business
•  choose from a suite of programme delivery options to fit budgets and to
    accommodate the work schedule of managers.

Delivery Options
We work closely with our clients to provide a suite of customized offerings to most effectively address today’s business communication needs. These offerings can be delivered long-term or short-term, and in various formats to best meet a corporate’s requirements.

Individual coaching
Individual coaching in written and verbal communication is provided for individuals who desire an intensive and highly-effective consultation program to improve their business communication skills. Coaching sessions last for one hour on a weekly basis, either at the worksite, home, or at the Centre for Communication Excellence, located in Delhi. The goal of these sessions is to work with actual materials developed by and for an individual participant, so that he or she begins to identify and fix specific problems that will led to a higher level of the verbal or written proficiency of each participant.

Small group workshops
We provide small group workshops for the communication problems people encounter on a day-to-day level. According to a company’s needs, our flexibility allows us to scale these workshops from just a few participants to many. Additionally, in order to increase efficiency of the learning process, these workshops can be combined with individual support for each participant on a fixed basis.

Virtual coaching and workshop support
As corporate professionals increasingly are expected to travel on a consistent basis, the Centre for Communication Excellence can provide real-time coaching and support through the internet. Workshops can be held on site, with additional individual support being provided online

Class Formats
Long-term engagements:
In order to achieve an optimal level of corporate communication skills, corporates can choose customized programs with duration of two, three or six months. Participants meet weekly with coaches either on a one-on-one basis or in a small group setting.

Two-day workshops:
We devise a customized two-day workshop from our suite of offerings in order to address specific needs. These intensive workshops provide the maximum skills training in the minimum of time.

Diagnostic Analysis
As part of our suite of offerings, we will customize a diagnostic analysis, which can be applied to determine the specific issues that need to be addressed at the individual level and within the organization. The diagnostic will involve an analysis of data gleaned from interviews, written materials, and/or videos of corporate presentations. We will use the findings from the diagnostic analysis to assess the base-level of participants a the beginning of the course and track and assess his or her improvement at the end of the program.

Communication Solutions
The Centre for Communication Excellence provides solutions to a variety of corporate communication needs, focusing on clarity, structure, synthesis of information, and tone:

• General Business Writing Skills
• E-mail Etiquette
• Business Proposals
• (Private and Public)
• Business Reports
• White Papers
• Press Releases
• Business Presentations
• Newsletters

• Business meeting skills
• Oral Presentations
• Conducting a meeting
• Teleconferencing
• Cross Cultural Communication

Contact Us
To set up a meeting in order to understand your organization’s requirements and work out a customized solution, call or write:

Gunjan Aggarwal
+91 97179 99612

Writing Centre
The Writing Centre provides both 9.9 SoC students and external students with coaching and instruction in written English. Writing coaches will provide students with creative ways of improving their written English, using written work that students are preparing for classes, or for other purposes. Coaches are faculty members or advanced students with superb communication skills, who have been trained in writing instruction.

Sessions in the Writing Centre are scheduled for 30 minutes, in which the coach and the student will work together to fix problems and identify issues in the student’s writing. Students can schedule up to 2 sessions per week. The goal of these sessions is not simply to edit a student’s work, but to enable students to begin editing and improving their writing over time.

9.9 SoC Students
9.9 SoC students can use one hour per week of the writing centre services free of charge.

External Students
External students will be charged for the use of the writing centre

Online Writing Centre
Utilizing the power of the internet, 9.9 SoC can provide writing consultation to students who do not have access to the School’s location in Delhi. Through on-line collaboration with a writing coach, students can improve their skills in written English. Students should have material they are working on to share with the writing coach. Sessions will be held for 30 minutes. Students must have access to a computer and the internet in order to take part in these sessions.

9.9 SoC Communication Workshops for Students
Realizing the increasing competition that students are facing today, 9.9 SoC has established Communication Workshops for college and secondary school students to help them with their communication skills in English, and to prepare them for the job-search process.


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