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We have designed our curriculum and classes to respond to what senior editors and producers have told us they need from young journalists. So from day-one, students are asked to put down their books and get to work on writing, creating and producing!

Because we understand that future journalists will be asked to write, produce videos and work online, students get exposure to the full range of skills needed in print, online and broadcast.

Terms 1 and 2 are made up of full-time classes that help students build up the skills they need in the real-world. Classes are held Monday through Friday, from 9:00-4:00, with time reserved for excursions and in-the-field exercises. In Term 3, students learn on the job in a professional internship. Saturday workshop/seminars to support and enhance this internship experience.

  Course offerings:

  Term 1: (Three-month) »

  Course 1: Creative Nonfiction The craft of writing persuasive prose Finding your authoritative voice
Writing for an audience
  Course 2: Reporting Foundational skills of news writing Fundamentals of basic reporting techniques Social responsibility and ethics for media practitioners
  Course 3: Broadcast production Introduction to visual storytelling Basics of camera use and editing
  Course 4: History of media and journalism Overview of developments in print, electronic and digital media Evolution of Journalism, PR and the media industry in the West and India

  Term 2: (3 months) »

  Course 1: Multimedia storytelling
Web content production
Photo slideshows and podcasts
Basics of web design
  Course 2: Introduction to Media Studies Explores the relationship among media producers, audiences and society
Investigates the fundamentals of media industries and media texts
  Course 3: Elective Area of specialization depending on student interest: Advanced Broadcast production
Features Writing, Investigative Reporting
  Course 4: Writing for online
Blogging as a profession
News analysis for online posts
Getting a nose for online news

  Term 3: (4 months) »

  Course 1: Internship Monday-Friday
Satuday internship seminar/workshop

Holistic Education

Pondicherry trip: In this two week study-tour, which includes trips to the Sri Aruobindo Ashram and the international city of Auroville, students broaden their educational horizon as they learn the possibilities of team work and collaboration while interacting with some of India’s most revered personalities in the mass media. Students go on nature walks, bicycle rides and are taught yogasana and breathing exercises as a way to learn to deal with the stress of the profession and experience ways of better living.

Workshops for self-development: In order to encourage students to become catalysts of change, throughout the year, workshops are offered as part of the curriculum. These workshops help students explore their creative ideas on paper, clay and canvas, as self-introspective sessions are organized to channel this energy in student action and learning. Additionally, workshops on stress management, hath yoga, mediation, leadership, and team building are conducted to help students adapt to the pressures and dynamics of the media and the communication industry.'


SoC had some of the best teachers and the most interesting classes. For the first time in my life, I truly enjoyed education. Mahima Gupta

During my stint at ESPN Star, I worked on the convergence of editorial content for website, mobile and WAP – true to the spirit of SoC! Ranbir Majumdar


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